Optomap® Retinal Exam

Liberal, KS

Optomap® Retinal Exam

Although eye exams typically involve examining the front of the eye to assess health and vision prescription changes, a comprehensive retina screening is essential to confirm overall eye health. 

The retina (located at the back of your eye) is the only place in the body where blood vessels can be seen directly. Your retina can signal serious health conditions, often before physical symptoms appear. By looking at the retina, our eye doctor can detect early signs of eye diseases as well as other issues such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and stroke. 

What is an Optomap® retinal exam? 

The Optomap® retinal exam is a revolutionary diagnostic tool that allows our eye doctor to create high-resolution digital images of the retina. It is the only technology that can capture 82% of the retina in a single shot. 

During the retinal exam, you will sit in front of the Optomap® machine and look into the device one eye at a time. The Optomap® takes a digital image of the retina in just a few seconds, using low-intensity light and scanning laser technology to capture the image. Nothing touches your eye at any time.  

An Optomap® retinal exam is painless, and you can resume normal activities immediately after the exam. Following the exam, our eye doctor will review the results of the Optomap® retinal exam with you and discuss any necessary follow-up or treatment options. We will also save the images produced by the Optomap® and use them for future comparisons to monitor changes in your retina’s health over time.  

What are the benefits of an Optomap® retinal exam? 

There are several benefits to getting regular Optomap® retinal exams, including: 

  • Early detection of eye conditions: The Optomap® retinal exam provides a detailed and comprehensive view of the retina, enabling early detection and diagnosis of various eye conditions, including glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. 
  • Non-invasive: Unlike traditional retinal exams that require pupil dilation and invasive procedures, the Optomap® retinal exam is non-invasive and does not require any eye drops, which makes it more comfortable for our patients. 
  • Quick and convenient: The Optomap® retinal exam takes only a few seconds to perform, and the image can be viewed immediately by our eye doctor. This makes it a quick and convenient option for patients who may have busy schedules. 
  • High-quality images: The Optomap® produces a high-resolution, ultra-wide-field image of the retina, which allows for a more detailed and accurate analysis of the eye’s health. 
  • Saves time: Because the Optomap® captures a wide-angle image of the retina in one shot, it eliminates the need for multiple images and reduces the time required for a complete retinal exam. 
  • Provides a baseline: The Optomap® retinal exam provides a baseline image of the retina, which can be used to monitor changes in your eye health over time and detect any early signs of disease.  

We recommend getting an Optomap® retinal exam every time you have a comprehensive eye exam. This ensures you have a digital record of your retinal health on file so we can compare changes in your eyes over time. 

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