Visual Field Testing

Liberal, KS

Visual Field Testing

The visual field refers to the entire area of space that a person can see when they look straight ahead without moving their eyes. If you’ve been to an eye doctor, you’ve most likely had a visual field test. A visual field test is an eye exam used to check for blind spots or peripheral vision loss. The test detects vision loss in the side, upper, or lower areas of their visual field. 

Visual field testing is an essential part of regular eye care, especially for individuals who have an increased risk of developing eye diseases and other issues. Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, can damage the blood vessels in the optic nerve and retina. Visual field testing allows our doctors to spot early signs of these sight-stealing conditions.  

Visual field analysis with the Octopus Perimeter 

The most common type of visual field test is the automated perimetry test, which is typically performed using a machine called a perimeter. At Prairie Vista Eye & Optical, we use the Octopus Perimeter to detect any issues in both peripheral and central vision. This non-invasive test examines your fields of vision, allowing us to identify vision problems that could be signs of eye diseases or other conditions. 

During the test, the patient sits comfortably in front of the Octopus Perimeter with one eye covered and the other eye fixated on a target in the center of the machine. The machine then projects small points of light at varying intensities and locations, and the patient indicates when they see the lights. This information is used to create a map of the patient’s visual field, which can be used to diagnose and monitor a variety of eye conditions and diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and optic nerve damage. 

At Prairie Vista Eye & Optical, our eye care professionals are experienced in performing visual field testing and developing customized treatment plans for patients based on their individual needs. If you’re concerned about vision loss, call our office today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam in Liberal.