Sports Vision Training

Liberal, KS

Sports Vision Training

At Prairie Vista Eye & Optical, we provide sports vision training to help athletes at all different levels of sport, from beginners to professionals. Sports vision training is particularly popular in sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and tennis, where visual skills are essential for success. By improving their visual skills and abilities, athletes can enhance their performance, reduce the risk of injury, and gain a competitive edge over their opponents.  

What is sports vision training?   

Sports vision training is a program of exercises and activities designed to help athletes improve their visual skills and give them a competitive edge. These visual skills include: 

  • Eye-hand coordination 
  • Depth perception 
  • Visual processing speed 
  • Visual tracking 
  • Peripheral vision 
  • Contrast sensitivity  
  • Visual memory 

Improving these visual skills can help athletes perform better in their sports and reduce their risk of injury. Our sports vision training program can include the following types of activities.  

Eye-tracking drills 

Eye-tracking drills involve following moving objects with your eyes, such as a ball or a target. This can improve an athlete’s ability to track moving objects in their field of vision. 

Reaction time exercises 

Reaction time exercises involve reacting to visual stimuli, such as a flashing light or a moving object. This can improve an athlete’s ability to react quickly to changes in their environment. 

Visual memory training 

Visual memory training exercises involve memorizing visual patterns or sequences, such as a series of flashing lights. This can improve an athlete’s ability to remember visual information, which is important for making split-second decisions in fast-paced sports. 

Contrast sensitivity training 

Contrast sensitivity training exercises involve differentiating between objects that have similar colors or contrast levels. This can improve an athlete’s ability to see fine details and distinguish between objects in their field of vision. 

Eye-hand coordination drills 

Eye-hand coordination drills involve performing tasks that require hand-eye coordination, such as catching a ball or hitting a target. This can improve an athlete’s ability to synchronize their hand movements with their visual input. 

Peripheral vision training 

Peripheral vision training exercises involve expanding an athlete’s field of vision to take in more information from their surroundings. This can improve an athlete’s situational awareness and help them anticipate movements from opponents. 

Who benefits from sports vision training?   

Sports vision training can benefit athletes of all ages and skill levels who want to improve their visual performance in sports. This can include amateur athletes, weekend warriors, and professional athletes. Sports vision training can also be beneficial for individuals who have vision problems that may be affecting their sports performance, such as poor eye-hand coordination, poor depth perception, or slow visual processing speed. 

Sports vision training can be beneficial for people who play sports like baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, and football. For example, improved visual skills can help baseball players track the ball more effectively, judge distances accurately, and hit the ball more consistently. 

Schedule an appointment for customized sports vision training   

At Prairie Vista Eye & Optical in Liberal, we customize sports vision training programs based on the specific needs of each athlete and the requirements of their sport. Throughout the training program, our specialists monitor the athlete’s progress and adjust the program as needed to ensure that they are making progress towards their goals.   

If you are ready to maximize your potential as a competitive athlete by improving your visual skills, book an appointment for an individualized treatment plan for sports vision training. We look forward to working with you!