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About Us

the best quality eye health and vision care

About Us

Founded in 1965

Prairie Vista Eye & Optical in Liberal, KS, provides exceptional eye health and vision care services for patients of all ages.

What We Do

We offer a range of comprehensive eye care services, including routine eye exams, contact lens exams, and pre-operative and post-operative care for cataracts, glaucoma, and LASIK refractive surgery. Our areas of specialty include: 

  • Vision therapy 
  • Ortho-k night lenses 
  • Hard-to-fit custom contact lenses 
  • Dry eye treatment and management 

Our vision therapist, Tiffany Nightingale, is experienced in providing vision therapy and rehabilitation services. Vision therapy is particularly effective in addressing children’s vision issues that result in reading difficulties, such as problems with eye tracking, eye teaming, and/or focusing. 

We understand the importance of clear vision and prompt treatment in the event of an ocular emergency. That’s why our doctors are available 24/7 for emergency eye care including treatment for foreign objects in the eye, corneal ulcers, corneal abrasions, eye infections, and sudden vision loss. 

We also offer a diverse selection of designer frames and precision lenses from top brands along with an in-house edging lab to ensure the highest quality service. Our selection of frames is sourced from around the globe, and we take pride in offering hard-to-find niche eyewear that fits your unique style and needs. Our opticians are highly knowledgeable and offer professional guidance and fitting services to ensure that your new eyewear is not only comfortable but also provides exceptional visual clarity.  

Our History

Dr. Jim Parsons established our optometric practice in Liberal in 1965. In 1988, Dr. Jim Jury purchased the practice, and he was later joined by Dr. Jeff Hill in the 1990s. In 2005, Dr. Ryan Farrar took over the practice from Dr. Jim Jury, and in 2013, Dr. Liz Fieser joined the team. In 2021, we changed our clinic’s name to Prairie Vista Eye & Optical, PA to better align with the region’s prairie landscape and demographic, with “Vista” meaning “vision” in Spanish.   

Meet Our Doctors 

Dr. Ryan Farrar, Optometrist

Dr. Ryan Farrar, originally from Hugoton, KS, received his Doctorate of Optometry in 2000 from the Northeastern State University Oklahoma, College of Optometry (NSUCO) in Tahlequah, OK. He conducted graduate research at NSUCO dealing with children’s vision, vision therapy, and attention deficit disorders. Before coming to Liberal, Dr. Farrar was in private practice in Emporia, KS, where he was coordinator of the Flinthills Eyecare Associates Vision Therapy Clinic and a researcher in the State of Kansas Vision Therapy Research Study. 

In addition to providing general optometric services, Dr. Farrar specializes in pediatric vision, specifically a division of optometry known as behavioral vision. Behavioral optometrists examine not only the eye structure and health but also visual function and how vision affects a child’s learning. Dr. Farrar treats individuals who have problems with eye teaming, tracking, focusing, crossed eyes, and lazy eye using vision therapy. Untreated, many of these eye problems can lead to reading problems, attention deficit-like symptoms, dyslexia-like symptoms, poor depth perception, and/or poor hand-eye coordination. 

Dr. Farrar is in the office Tuesday through Friday. 

Dr. Liz Fieser, Optometrist

Dr. Liz Fieser, originally from Norwich, KS, received her undergraduate degree at the University of Central Florida in 2008. She went on to earn her Doctorate of Optometry in 2013 from the Northeastern State University Oklahoma, College of Optometry in Tahlequah, OK. Her ambition is to provide quality eye care to patients of all ages. In her off-time, Dr. Liz Fieser enjoys playing basketball and volleyball, working out, and spending time with her children.

Dr. Liz Fieser is in the office Monday through Friday.


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