Contact Lens Exam

Liberal, KS

Contact Lens Exam

During a contact lens exam and fitting at Prairie Vista Eye & Optical, our eye doctor will evaluate your eye health and vision and ask about your lifestyle and hobbies to ensure we recommend the right contact lens for your needs. Even if you’ve been told you can’t wear contact lenses in the past, we may be able to help! There are many new contact lenses that accommodate astigmatism, keratoconus, and more.   

Contact lens exam  

A contact lens exam is different from a routine eye exam because it also includes a fitting for contact lenses. Your eye doctor will either perform the contact lens exam as part of your comprehensive eye exam or schedule a separate contact lens exam.  

During a contact lens exam in Liberal, our doctor will check your vision, look for any underlying eye conditions that could affect your ability to wear contacts and evaluate the size and shape of your eyes. They may also evaluate your tear film to determine if you have a condition known as dry eye disease, as this may impact your ability to comfortably wear some types of contact lenses.   

Following these tests, our optometrist will prescribe contact lenses based on your eye health and vision needs. They may give you trial contact lenses and ask you to wear them for a week or so. You will then come back for a follow-up exam to ensure the contacts fit comfortably and provide you with clear vision. 

Our doctor will also provide a contact lens prescription that designates the contact lens type, power, base curve (a shape matching the curvature of your eye), and diameter.    

Why do I need an exam for contact lenses?   

People need a contact lens exam to ensure that their eyes are healthy and that contact lenses are the right choice for their vision correction needs. Contact lenses sit directly on the eye’s surface, so it is essential to have a proper fitting and prescription to avoid eye discomfort, infections, or even long-term eye damage.   

During a contact lens exam, the eye doctor will examine your eyes to make sure they are healthy enough to wear contact lenses.

They will also measure the curvature of your cornea and the size of your pupil to ensure a proper fitting for the contact lenses. Additionally, the eye doctor will evaluate your tear film quality and eyelid health and discuss your lifestyle and vision requirements to help select the appropriate type of contact lenses. 

When you schedule an appointment for your comprehensive eye exam, let us know if you wear contacts or plan to wear them. Then we will know to perform a contact lens exam during your appointment.    

Schedule a contact lens exam in Liberal 

If you are interested in getting contact lenses, or if you are due for a contact lens exam, contact our office today to book an appointment! Our optometrists are experienced in fitting contact lenses and will ensure that you receive the best possible care for your eyes. Don’t wait to enjoy the freedom and convenience of contact lenses; schedule your exam today! 

Can I sleep in my contacts?

Some contacts are FDA approved for overnight wear. Soft lenses can create problems if worn overnight.

Can I use my eyeglass prescription to buy over-the-counter contact lenses?

Over-the-counter contact lenses are not legally available in the US. If you are purchasing contacts without a prescription, the lenses are being sold illegally.

Is it safe for me to clean my contact lenses with a homemade solution?

Do not make your own contact lens solution. While that process was used 40 years ago, commercially made solutions are available which work well and have a proven track record.