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Are you experiencing eye strain, headaches, or neck pain regularly? Then you may be suffering from a condition known as eye misalignment. Most people don’t know about eye misalignment, but they can certainly feel the painful and uncomfortable symptoms it causes!  

At Prairie Vista Eye & Optical in Liberal, we are experienced in diagnosing and treating eye misalignment to help alleviate discomfort and improve quality of life. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provides exceptional care to ensure that every patient has a positive experience.  

What is eye misalignment?   

When your eyes are misaligned, this condition is known as binocular vision disorder (BVD). Binocular vision disorder, also known as binocular vision dysfunction, is when the eyes are unable to work together properly as a team, leading to a range of symptoms.  

Binocular vision is the ability of both eyes to work together and create a single, clear image. When your binocular vision is healthy, you have perfectly aligned eyes and can see one clear image. When this system is disrupted, it can lead to difficulties with reading, depth perception, and overall visual function.  

What are the symptoms of eye misalignment?   

The symptoms of eye misalignment can vary depending on the severity of the condition. Here are some common symptoms that may be experienced: 

  • Headaches 
  • Eye strain and fatigue 
  • Dry eye sensation 
  • Neck and shoulder pain 
  • Motion sickness/feeling off-balance 
  • Poor depth perception 
  • Clumsiness 
  • Blurred or double vision 
  • Difficulty reading 
  • Sensitivity to light 
  • Restless sleep  

These symptoms are uncomfortable and can impact your work and your life. Fortunately, treatment options are available to improve eye alignment and resolve symptoms.  


At Prairie Vista Eye & Optical, we offer a breakthrough solution known as Neurolens, the first and only prescription lens that contains a contoured prism to bring the eyes into perfect alignment. Contoured prisms can relieve eyestrain, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain experienced by many while reading and using digital devices.  

How are Neurolenses prescribed?   

Neurolenses are prescribed by our optometrist following a comprehensive eye exam and assessment of binocular vision. During the exam, our eye care professional will evaluate how well the two eyes work together, as well as any symptoms of visual discomfort, such as headaches, eyestrain, or fatigue.  

Our team will use the Neurolens eye-tracking device to detect and measure eye misalignment. The testing is quick and completely painless, and nothing touches your eye at any time. 

Following the exam, our doctor will review the test results with you and prescribe your new Neurolenses. Neurolenses are customized to your eyeglass prescription. They are premium lenses, which means that they feature an anti-reflective coating and are made of high-quality, durable materials. Even if you don’t currently rely on prescription eyeglasses to see your best, Neurolenses will still relieve the painful symptoms of eye misalignment. Many patients report that Neurolens has been life-changing!   

Get started with Neurolens   

Don’t let vision problems cause you discomfort and disrupt your life! Visit Prairie Vista Eye & Optical in Liberal to find out if you suffer from eye misalignment and how Neurolenses can help.